I am thrilled that you’re interested in working with us one-on-one.


This coaching program might be right for you if you’re ready to follow through on your next desires, eliminate what might be getting in your way, and make a specific action plan that’ll take you from where you are to where you want to be.

This is how we offer our services.

  1. One 30-Minute Strategy Session to clarify your goals.
  2. Follow Through On Your Coaching Program


  1. Complete the request below. (Please note that we may be unable to offer these strategy sessions to everyone who submits a request so, if you know you want time with me, please take care in filling out your request. If we are a good fit, you WILL get an email saying it’s so.)
  2. Look out for an email from me within 48 hous.
  3. I’ll send you a link to schedule our call. That email will also include the link to a questionnaire I’d like you to complete and return to me within at least 48 hours of our scheduled call.
  4. Upon scheduling your session look for additional materials and reminder emails you’ll receive.
  5. Show up to our session with an open mind and a desire to dive in and move forward. These strategy sessions are ideal for you if you have a burning question and want some concrete action steps you can take to move forward.

Available via phone, in-person or video chat, this is the core of what we do together. As often as needed (usually 1-2 times a week), we’ll get together to discuss, plan, learn & get unstuck.

You’ll gain new tools, perspectives & insights, and then we’ll help you put them to work.


This coaching program includes:

  • A detailed journal customized for you that just might yield powerful insights
  • Email support between sessions
  • Additional materials to add to your journal.
  • We will read and review your materials to get a sense of where you are and what you’re hoping to accomplish and incorporate your interests in our coaching sessions.


  • Coaching sessions usually last 30-minute and will focus on supporting you in the realization of your goals. These sessions are your time. You bring the agenda and we approach it together. We will celebrate your successes and you will get support to face challenges. Powerful questions will help provide clarity, accountability will provide structure.
  • Making it happen: Each week you will leave with an assignment or an inquiry to focus your efforts and keep you moving forward. Much of the learning comes between sessions as you go out and adventure towards your dreams.
  • Email: Between sessions you can email me your thoughts, responses to inquiries and homework. If you’re keen and moving at a clip, we’ll often develop a next step in between sessions, enhancing your progress even further between sessions.