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How To Find A Life Coach That Connects With You

With the simple click of a button you can have access to some of the world’s best life coaches and mentors right now. Pretty amazing right?

Technology has enabled us to look beyond time zones and location, creating a platform for us to connect and work virtually with anyone in the world. From business coaches and career coaches, to health or spiritual coaches, we have so many choices (which is a wonderful thing!) but how do you go about finding that special coach for you?  What will help you to make this important decision and investment for yourself?

We’ve got a few tips for you to consider that will help you find a coach that resonates with you.  In an ideal world, we would hope that everyone invests in a coach with the appropriate qualifications and experience, but it goes beyond that.

You don’t want to sign up with any coach – you want a coach that will ultimately support you to learn and grow in ways you maybe never thought possible.  Someone that you can trust and that will lovingly help you to get from where you are now, to where you want to be.

What support do you specifically need?

Finding the right coach for you is certainly going to depend on the types of goals and dreams that you have. There’s no point going to see the seemingly hottest coach right now if they don’t have the capacity to help you with what you really need.  Keep your goals and dreams at the forefront of your mind and this will enable you to narrow down your options.  Look at the different areas that coaches may specialize in and see which one feels most aligned to you.

Get to know them

With any relationship, it’s important to get to know someone before you can develop a real connection.  Start following any coach you are interested in on social media or subscribe to their newsletter to get more of an insight into who they are and what they do.  Have a good look at their website and their ‘about me’ page and see what’s important to them.  Do they have testimonials from previous clients highlighting their achievements that you can relate to?

All of this information is going to help you decide whether this coach is the right one for you.  Most importantly, how does this person make you feel in these initial stages? Excited and inspired? That’s a pretty good sign!

Make use of complimentary consults

If you’re genuinely thinking about working with a coach but you want to make sure you’re the right fit – see if they offer a complimentary consult. Most coaches will offer these free of charge for that exact reason – to make sure that you’re both the right fit for each other and of course to answer any questions that you have.

After a consult you should have a good indication of whether this coach is the right one for you. Did they make you feel supported? Did they listen to you and ask insightful questions? Did you have any light-bulb moments or ah-ha moments? Did you feel excited about the prospect of working with them? These are all important questions to consider and know that there’s no obligation to follow through if you didn’t feel a connection.

Trust your intuition

Sometimes you’ll land on a website and you’ll just ‘know’ that you’re meant to work with that coach. Other times you might have to actively search for one.  The important thing is to trust your intuition and focus on how that person makes you feel. People may give you recommendations of coaches they have worked with before (and word of mouth is brilliant) but don’t choose to work with a coach just because everyone else has. Find out what’s important to you, take the time to get to know them and see if there’s a genuine connection. Trust that you’re the only one who can decide what’s right for you.

Of course there will be other aspects to consider such as cost, availability and coaching techniques, but whilst these are important – finding a life coach that resonates with you also requires you to take a leap.  That leap might make you feel vulnerable, it may mean you’ll have to put some extra money aside to make the investment and it will mean you have to create space to commit and take action towards your dreams throughout the coaching series.

If you are actively looking for a coach – our Coaches are incredible and you can check out their profiles here.  They have a variety of different backgrounds and specializations and are based all over the world.

Take the leap beautiful you and know that there are so many coaches out there that can support you to achieve your dreams.  Happy coach hunting!

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Beth Quarles

A Coach, Teacher, Writer, Designer, Artist and Speaker.

Keep reading – Explore my thoughts, ramblings and stories.


Read on for a mixture of what inspires me; leads me; calls me to question, and to explore more deeply. These I share with you as a coach, storyteller, strategist, friend and fellow explorer.

I may not always be able to use my own words or images because sometimes the words just fail me.  Whenever I share others’ works though, I will make sure to acknowledge, praise, site/forward and respect all copyrighting.

I will bring you:

  • Stories of hope and heart;
  • Stories that will inspire to keep learning and to keep growing.

 My challenges (paraphrased here from Ronna Detrick.)

  • How to let go of the need to know that I will be successful before I even start (This terrifies me.);
  • How to be kind to myself for not knowing it all when it’s so much easier to pretend to others and to myself that I do;
  • How to create spotlights for others to shine;
  • How to keep my feet on my path and my heart open when it’s so easy to get distracted, disoriented and closed-off;
  • How to nurture my soul, my body, myself and my family and friends;
  • How to stop feeling guilty or beat myself up along this journey as I follow the many twists and turns;
  • How to move forward, one day at a time;
  • How to walk straight ahead, assertively, with my head-up and shoulders held high;
  • How to see my life as a huge, sweeping adventure that requires limitless perseverance, enduring strength, and vulnerability;
  • How to recognize that I am not alone. Friends, family and mentors will come alongside in my everyday life to support, to encourage and to offer their insights;
  • How to realize that my own personal battles really aren’t mine alone. Though they make me feel inadequate, and cause me many restless nights, they are the very things that others need to hear me acknowledge, name, struggle through and successfully defeat.

I’m not fooling anyone. Certainly not myself. This journey is long and hard.  I will serve those who need encouragment, instruction and coaching to achieve their own desired future.

 The Work I Am Teaching is the Same Work I’m Doing on Myself

I want to live my life as a real world mentor/coach

(paraphrased from She-ro by Jen Louden)

  • I want to find ways to live and express what’s most important to me, and to serve, even when I don’t know if I’ve chosen “the right” goals, and have no assurance that my projects will work out, and no possibility that my work will ever be finished.
  • I want to remember that seeds grow best when they’re planted in soil that’s mixed with fertilizer.  I want to lovingly step barefoot into the soil of life and keep sowing and nurturing seeds of possibility, even though I know some seeds will not survive and it’ll be some time before I’ll have the pleasure of little miracles peeping through the dirt, reaching for the sun.
  • I want to create, love and serve with my whole heart. Not in spite of the risk of loss, but because of the risk of loss. I understand that it’s in uncontrollable chaos, trauma and loss that my contributions become all the more precious, necessary and urgent.

 And from an amazing creative soul who stated my own sentiments so well Jamie Ridler

 I’m wired to create, to instigate, to make something happen. I love taking the wee whisper of an idea, bringing it to life and sharing it with the world. That’s life to me.

 But no matter how much I love it, no matter how often I do it, no matter how deeply I believe, there is always, always that moment, that moment when I think it’s all too much, too big, too new, too scary, that moment when I want to get on a train and go anywhere but here, that moment when my stomach writhes and my head is full of “What the hell was I thinking?”

 That sacred moment is my chance to tell the Universe I am willing. I am willing to be scared and small and alone. I am willing to be embarrassed, to be vulnerable, to get it wrong, to fail. I am here, being who I am and giving what I have to the world. I am willing.

Expertise… Experience and Education….. Lot’s of all three

I may be your ideal coach……

The tools I use……

Through regular coaching sessions, I’m here to help you create the life you want to be living and the work you want to be sharing with the world. I work either on the phone or over video chat.

I use:

Personal Futures Planning

Journaling – Bujo and others

Vision Boarding



In all my years , the one practice that clients tell me they return to again and again and again is journaling. This simple practice of putting pen to page allows us to discover our truth, express our self and hear our own voice.

This simple practice can transform everything.